Website Setup Notes

Websites serve a couple of different purposes. They provide a medium through which you can communicate with your customers and potential customers. This facilitates marketing, sales, and customer support. This communication may be through the website itself, or through email.

Websites can also provide the infrastructure necessary to process sales (useful for all businesses, whether you sell products, services, or both) and deliver digital products to your customers.

The core pages your website needs to have are:

  1. About Me page
  2. Contact Me page
  3. Free Gift page
  4. Free Gift Thank You page (aka – post-signup or download page)
  5. Entry Product/Service sales page
  6. Post-purchase Thank You page (download page for digital products)
  7. Privacy Policy page
  8. Terms & Conditions (or FAQ) page
  9. Miscellaneous support pages (shopping cart, checkout, login, etc.)

Ideally, your website should also give you the option to customize the look of your pages as you desire, an email system to stay in contact with your customers and potential customers, and an option to reward promotional partners with a cut of the sales they send you. It also needs to be secure and fast to give your website visitors a good experience.

One of the more difficult and/or time consuming aspects of setting up a website is the visual design.  This website has been equipped with the Oxygen site builder, which will make this relatively easy.  I’ve set up a YouTube playlist with several videos to help you get acquainted with this layout system, which may be found at

To help with the other pages, I have set up some templates, which you may find by going into the admin panel and clicking the “Pages” menu item on the left side of the screen.  Here’s a direct link.

In general, I recommend you browse through all areas of the admin interface and get familiar with where everything is.  If you would like to watch more videos, you’ll find more than enough beginner’s guides on YouTube through this link.

Feel free to play with the various settings and see what happens.  The worst-case-scenario is that I have to restore the website to the condition it was in when I set it up for you.  In most cases, I’ll be able to restore it to the point it was at the end of the previous day by restoring a backup.

One final note — there are quite a number of add-on plugins installed on this website.  I’ve included them because they help the website be more flexible, secure, and fast for your visitors.