Entry Product / Service

This page will introduce folks to your primary entry-level product or service,
which is usually the first thing they will purchase.

As an example, look at the sales pages for Choose to Believe and Symbolic Solutions 2.0.

BIG, Bold, Attention-getting headline,
which makes a HUGE-but-believable promise.

Start the main text with a concept they already know about, and draw parallels between this and the new concept(s) your product/service is based upon.

Slowly lead your reader to the core concepts your new product or service is based upon.  Prove the core concepts before you introduce your product or service.

Make sure to bring in a sense of drama and unexpected information.  If they feel they already know everything you say, they have no reason to expect that you have anything new to teach them.  Weave in some of your backstory so they feel they know you.  The more they feel a connection with you, the easier it is for them to do business with you.  Photos help — not only in building a bond with your reader, but also in making the page easier to read.

Once you do introduce your product/service, show how it is better than any other choice that may be available to your reader.  This “better” may simply be that it’s based on your unique personality, or that you serve a specific group of people (i.e. – healing services for those recovering from surgery, or better yet, for freelance artists recovering from surgery — the more specific your focus, the more valuable it is for those who meet the criteria).

After you’ve described what your product/service can do, compare it to other options which cost 10 times as much.  For example, compare a home-study course to a college course, or a healing session to the cost of going to the hospital.  This helps to establish a value for what you offer which makes the actual price seem inexpensive.

Now, reveal the price, and phrase it so it’s clear you consider it much lower than it could be.

Right after revealing price, mention a money-back guarantee if you have one.  If not, give them another reason to feel there is little to no risk involved with making the purchase.

If you have extra bonuses, list them here.  “But wait, there’s more!”  It may be funny, but it works.

CTA – “Call To Action”.  This is where you specifically ask them to take the next step in purchasing your product / service.  If you’ve done a good job explaining the value of what you offer, you’ll get plenty of folks following through with a purchase.

If you feel comfortable doing so, point out the dangers / risks of NOT purchasing your product / service.  Anyone who is still reading at this point hasn’t been convinced, and may need a little extra nudge in the right direction.

Make a stronger Call To Action.