Entry Product Title


This text will be used in product listings, so only a short paragraph is appropriate.  State the core concepts and list the highlight benefits and features.



Attention-Grabbing Headline —
Make a strong promise that your product/service can deliver

Opening paragraph, in which you start with a concept your reader will already be familiar with.  Gradually shift from this concept to the new and unique concept that serves as the foundation for your unique product / service.

Prove the validity of the core concept.  Include your personal backstory and examples from your own life to support your claims about the concept.  Include stories from the lives of others if possible.

Lead in to revealing your product / service, with a full description of what it DOES for your customer.

List all the various BENEFITS (not features) of your product, and how your customer’s life will be changed as a result of using your product / service.  Where appropriate, mention what it would cost to get similar benefits from other products / services.

Once benefits are covered, list the features of your product.  Number of books, CDs, videos, worksheets, weeks of classes, hours in classes, etc.

Now that the VALUE of your product / service has been established, you may reveal the actual price.  Make it seem like only 10% of what you really should be charging for it.  For example, compare a set of business building classes to the cost of hiring a consultant to set it up for them.  Compare a healing session to the cost of a hospital stay.  Compare a reading to the cost of making mistakes because they didn’t know what to expect.

If you have a money-back guarantee (required when selling products online), describe it clearly.  Remove all the risk your customer is facing when making a decision to spend money on something they have not yet experienced.

If possible, add on a few extra bonuses that further increase the value of what you’re offering.  Usually, these will be simple downloadable files like guided meditations, videos, or PDFs that only took you a short time to create, and don’t cost you anything to add on.

Make a clear and direct Call To Action (CTA) and ask them to take the next step to purchase your product / service.  Usually, this is to click the Buy Now button immediately after the CTA, or at the bottom of the page.

For those who haven’t already jumped at your offer, point out the costs and dangers of not taking action.  Don’t come across as desperate for the sale.  Just express concern for their well-being.  They’ll appreciate it.

One final CTA to close out the page.


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