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This is where you deliver the free gift you’ve offered in exchange for joining your email list.  Here is a template you may use, borrowed from one of my gift download pages.

“Free Gift Title” Download Page 😈

To download the files below, right-click (shift-click on a Mac) the provided links, and use your browser’s “Save As” feature.  You might want to create a new folder on your desktop where you’ll be able to easily find the files later.

The 15-Minute Vacation program is a ZIP file, which need to be extracted after download to play the 5 separate MP3 files contained within.  If you don’t already have software to do this (modern computers have this built-in), you may use the free (and excellent) 7-Zip software, available through this link.

The Brain TuneUp file is an MP3, and may be played in any device normally used for these, with no special software required.

The “Choose To Believe” book is provided in PDF format.  Most computers come with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader software pre-installed to open and view these files.  If you are unable to open and read them, click here to install the appropriate software.

If you need any assistance, please contact me, and I’ll do what I can for you.

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Description of item (with photo).  Include some suggestions on how to best use the material, and what type of results they might expect.

Remember, it may have been some time since they originally requested the gift, so you have to remind them what it is, why they wanted it, and inspire them to actually use it.  This will give them more reasons to buy your paid product(s) & service(s).

In the description, you may want to highlight certain words and phrases that will catch the attention of those who won’t read, but will skim over the text.

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Brain Tune-Up

This second item reorganizes your brain to be more efficient.  The net effect is that you think faster, with less resistance, and less wasted effort.  Some folks describe it as getting more hours in a day, even when using it once a week.

This means you won’t need as much sleep, since you’ll use less energy during the day.  It also means that you’ll have an easier time seeing all the various aspects of a situation so you make better decisions, which lead to better actions and better results.

A word of caution:  BrainWave Entrainment is not for everyone.  If you’ve had brain surgery, a stroke, heart disease, or are prone to migraines, epileptic seizures, or other neuological disorders, then you are cautioned not to use this technology without a doctor’s consent.

This particular recording starts off by helping you relax into a nice alpha rhythm before slowly ramping you up through beta all the way up into the gamma range, where you become hyper-focused and your perceptions super-sharp.

When I first created this recording, I was just playing around and wasn’t quite sure what the effects would be.  I was surprised to find that all the “resistance” within my brain was gone, and somehow I could think faster.  Ideas flowed through my mind so quickly, I thought time had slowed down.  I also found that I didn’t need as much sleep, and woke up each morning several hours before I would have normally.  These effects lasted several months before I felt a need to listen to the program again.

As with the 15-Minute Vacation program, I recommend listening to this no more than once a day.

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Choose To Believe PDF ebook

Once you’ve had a chance to kick back, relax, recharge, and reorganize your brain, you’ll want to map out a plan to get ahead.

The starting point of all achievement is self-belief.  You gotta believe in yourself and your dreams before you have any chance to turn them into reality.

If you’ve ever found yourself buying an expensive course or tool, only to have it sit and collect dust, you know that believing in yourself is the most important link in the chain.

This book will show you the true power of beliefs—complete with scientific studies—and gives you a step by step plan to find your limiting beliefs and change them so you can get what you want in life.

This book also explains the multiple levels of belief, and why you sometimes get the opposite of what you think you believe.  Too many other details to list here.  Just download it.

A wide range of tools and techniques are covered, so there’s something for everyone.

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