Entry Product / Service

This page will introduce folks to your primary entry-level product or service, which is usually the first thing they will purchase. As an example, look at the sales pages for Choose to Believe and Symbolic Solutions 2.0. BIG, Bold, Attention-getting headline, which makes a HUGE-but-believable promise. Start the main text with a concept they already […]

Products & Services

This is where you’ll introduce your products and/or services. Remember — keep the focus on what your customers/clients get from using your products and services.  How do they benefit?  How will their life be better?  What can they do afterwards that they couldn’t do before? This overview page will usually be a lead-in to other […]

Free Gift

This page will be where you offer a free gift in exchange for the visitor’s email address.  Once you have their email address, you can educate them on you and your business, and why you’re different from others they may find online. The primary focus on this page should be what your free gift can […]